Once upon a time, there were two brothers.  Both passionate in wanting to serve God, but with different gifts.  One preached and wrote sermons.  The other wrote songs.  The one’s sermons are still studied in seminaries to this day, but the other’s songs are still sung in churches to this day.  They were John and Charles Wesley…and while both of them did make an incredible impact on their world…Charles, in some ways, has had the greatest impact as his songs are song in a wide variety of churches, by all types of people (not just seminary trained).

Music is a powerful thing…which is why the one book that comes closest to being a hymnal in the Bible is also its largest book.  The book of Psalms contains songs for every possible emotion one might feel towards God…both the good and the bad.

This Christmas, take some time to enjoy true Christmas songs.  In the midst of the bustle of buying presents, trimming the tree, baking Christmas cookies and who knows what else…please take the time to pause and think about the reason for the season.

Hopefully, this music collection that I have selected will help you do just that.  Enjoy