I love books.  I love buying books.  I love getting books for free even better.  So imagine my surprise (and joy) when Thomas Nelson dropped off an advance reader’s copy of Max Lucado’s “Glory Days.”

If you have ever read one of Max Lucado’s books you will know they are filled with stories, personal thoughts and some insightful applications of Scripture.

“Glory Days” will not disappoint in that department.  Max Lucado takes the story of Joshua and makes it our story.  The fights that Joshua must fight become ours as well.  On the positive side, so do the promises that Joshua had.  The key one being that God will be with us.    Which, incidentally, was one of the last things that Jesus said to his disciples in the book of Matthew.  And considering one of Jesus’ names is Emmanuel…I guess the whole, “God with us” theme is kind of an important one.

Lucado encourages the reader throughout the book to get past the wilderness and enter the “Promised Land.”  Which, unlike some Southern Gospel songs, is not code for heaven…rather it is code for living a victorious life…a life where victories outnumber defeats, where there is more joy than sadness and more hope than despair.

As an example here are a few quotes that stood out to me:

“Perhaps you are facing a challenge unlike any you have ever faced before.  It looms out on the horizon like an angry Jericho.  Imposing Strong.  It consumes your thoughts and saps your strength.  It wakes you up and keeps you awake.  It is ancient, thick walled, and impenetrable.  It is the biggest challenge of your life.”

“Are you facing a Jericho-level challenge?  Do you face walls that are too high to breach and too thick to crack?  Do you face a diagnosis, difficulty, or defeat that keeps you from entering your Promised Land?”

“Your Jericho is your fear.  Your Jericho is your anger, bitterness, or prejudice.  Your insecurity about the future.  Your guilt about the past.  Your negativity, anxiety, and proclivity to criticize, over analyze or compartmentalize.  Your Jericho is any attitude or mind-set that keeps you from joy, peace, or rest.”

To live in the Promise Land, you must face Jericho.”

   In the end, the book is a challenge to live victoriously, to pray “audacious” prayers, and to rest in the knowledge that God will do the best thing for us.  It is an “easy” read, but a challenging one at the same time.  I enjoyed it and hope that you will have a chance to do so too.

One little correction point that I am sure will be taken care of in the final edition…the Greek Font is very badly done on page 175.