I grew up on the Eastern side of Michigan, lived on the Western side and am now back on the Eastern side again…in between I’ve lived in Kentucky, Quebec, Texas, Chad, Kenya, and spent some time in a few other countries.

A lot of what I do (and have done) can be viewed as encouraging as many people as I can to live the Truth in all Four Realms as the one who is the Truth both showed us how to and commanded us to do.

I take the Four Realms to refer to the four dimensions of life found in Luke 2:52.  The Physical, Mental/Emotional, Social and Spiritual.

I’ve taught at the elementary and middleschool levels, I’ve also taught at the graduate school levels.  I’ve been a pastor as well as a parishoner.  I’ve had the privilege of translating the Bible in another language for the very first time.

I love theology, church history, missiology, fantasy and science-fiction (but not all equally).  I also love playing with computers, homeschool  education, ping-pong and hikes in the woods (when I can get a chance).

I have an incredible wife who is as talented as she is beautiful and without whom it would have been impossible to have done most of what I have done.  Together we have five equally incredible kids whose talents and loves are clearly their own.